Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Give Me A Fifth Of Mayo

I'm sort of a "borderline" correspondent these days...not that I'm doing my job(s) in a half-hearted way. I gather/write and report the news in a lot of cities...seemingly more each day. One result is that I'm doing more Texas border news.

Border news is always a welcome relief actually because I can spread it around. If the Governor wants more Border Agents, that story will fly in Brownsville/Harlingen/McAllen as well as El Paso...even though they're about as close together as Austin and Atlanta.

So today is Cinco De Mayo, an increasing popular ethnic holiday. It's the day Mexico and Mexican American communities commemorate the Mexican victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. It's a unique holiday.

I was happy to do Cinco De Mayo stories in as many cities as I could justify today (Wichita was a stretch, but give it a few years).

I was looking for that story with "star quality." You know, the story that would dazzle folks. Something to add a little salsa to the event...I mean commemorating a victory over the French? Get in line.

Luckily I stumbled across a report of a raid on some of the untold number of drug cartels operating in Mexico. These wanton killers have so much money it would amaze you. Recently, a former Mexican kingpin cut a deal with the U.S. where he forfeited "some" of his drug profits...50 million dollars. That was the negotiated price, "down" from the original "fine."

What was turned up in the raid on the drug cartel in the Jalisco state of Mexico? Oh, you know...the usual stuff...drugs, money...and um...these:

Those are "diamond studded" guns.

Just say, "No."

Is it appropriate to wave the white flag in the war on drugs on Cinco De Mayo?