Friday, April 09, 2010

End Week Weirdness

Unrelated weirdness for the week from various cities I'm now providing with news...and assorted other stuff.

Oddest headline - From the Corpus Christi newspaper: Motorist On U.S. 281 In Brooks County.

I guess there aren't many traffic jams there.

From the Rio Grande Valley...Brownsville City Officials and members of the Filipino-American community take part in a "Bataan Death March" memorial "walk."

It's the truth...honest.

Presumably food was served during the event.

From the "You First" department:

Honda has demonstrated its prototype U3-X "Personal Mobility" device - think "Segway" but cheaper.

Looks comfortable huh?

Personally before I sat on that sucker I'd ask for an insurance waiver and a "safe" word.

Finally, the most disturbing photo of the week...assuming you can get past the seating on the Honda U3-X.

This guy has a "face tattoo."

Yikes. Sorry.

Welcome back.