Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday Update/Ramblings

I love this time of's a time of self examination and I'm pretty good at I like finding new ways to make room in my life for God.   This season is going to be interesting.  Amy and I have decided to do some church shopping again.    We've loved the church we've been part of for the past couple of years, but we don't feel like we've really connected with a community.   It's not the community's's probably ours.   So we've been visiting churches and I must admit our current church home is looking better.  I thought I could see cobwebs growing during the sermon we sat through on Sunday.

There are some other things  changing during this time.  The future of this blog is a little dicey.   Blogger is eliminating its support for the way I compose and edit this space.   They say they're going to provide some type of conversion tool.   They haven't yet.    I will likely roll with the punches.    I now tend to think of the writing here like I do dreams,  I don't try to examine it too closely or hang onto it any more.

I usually "fast" during this time. I've been on a modified fast for a few weeks now, although I blew it on Valentine's day to take Amy and our youngest daughter out for steaks.   Come to think of it, I blew it this morning when I brought home breakfast tacos for Amy's birthday.  Yeah, I'm a big spender.

Oh get over it,  I brought home flowers too.

Happy Birthday my love!

That brings up something from my "I should mention this on the blog" file, which admittedly is stuffed full of stuff I haven't mentioned.   I recently received a copy of  "The Daniel Fast",  a book by Susan Gregory.

Susan sent it to me with a nice note.

A couple of  years ago I wrote about Susan who had contacted me about getting more traffic to her website.   That apparently worked out for her.  She wrote a book and mentioned me in the acknowledgments. 

Thanks Susan.

So that's an update of sorts... I know it's a little rambling.  I hope, but am not promising, to write more during this season.  As always I'm exploring my relationship with Christ, which is a daunting task.    I mean when something fails in that relationship it's pretty easy to figure out who to blame.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's Sports Illustrated Day!

The swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated is arriving in mailboxes.

Oh...I get a different sports magazine.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Dirty Politics

I've heard of politicians slinging mud.

This is the first political ad I've seen where the candidate has thrown dirt...from a graveyard.