Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 09, 2009

Right F-Stop for an F-18

My son-in-law took this shot of an F-18 "flirting with the sound barrier" at the Randolph Air Force Base Air Show on Sunday.

Pretty cool.


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Presidential Dressing

Sorry, this is not a recipe for some special White House stuffing for Thanksgiving...that would probably require more pork than I could stomach.
However I was relieved that in addition to no longer having to worry about car companies, banks, and health care...I can also now not have to worry about how to dress thanks to the President.  Yes, I  now get advice on how to dress from President Obama himself at a website called "Obama Weather"

This is today's suggested outfit for San Antonio.

Presumably that's for this morning, since it's supposed to hit 80 degrees this afternoon. I went to work this morning in a heavy shirt, jeans and flip flops...but I'm not a jacket type guy.  If I were to be wearing a jacket and sweater this afternoon I'd probably keel over...something I am trying to avoid at least until free health care is available.

I must say the President appears to have better web fashion sense than Angelina Jolie, who can also provide clothing suggestions based on the daily forecast.

 Personally, I tend to doubt you'd ever catch Ms. Jolie dressed in "frumpy chic" attire...then again, it's not like a guy wearing flip flops at the office is going to be forecasting fashion trends any time soon.