Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Mog Days Of Fall

Fall arrived in South Texas exactly on schedule...I mean to the day.   It's cooler and it's wetter.  We've actually had real rain, which is a blessing in almost every case...the exception being if your lawn has dried up and blown away during the past two years of drought and now your backyard is just dirt.

Rain + Dirt = Mud

Our smaller dogs, who are genetically inclined to be filthy, have it a little easier since they are a older, lazier and smaller.   Winston, whom we're convinced is mentally challenged to begin with, has decided not to venture off the remnants of concrete rubble we fondly refer to as our back porch.   This makes for some not so delightful surprises if you go outside barefoot without watching where you step.

Abby, who still has quite a bit of puppy vigor in her, hasn't quite figured out the rain plus dirt equation.   We can't really blame her, she's only seen rain a few times in her life.

However she's noticing the consequences.

 She bounds outside and within a few seconds finds herself a little slower...a little heavier and much filthier.

Mud + Dogs =?

Several times each day she is now being  transformed from a dog to a "mog'....half dog/half mud.

I suppose even when God blesses us there will always be days when we still must carry an extra load.

My eyes are ever on the Lord for only he will release my feet from the snare - Psalm 25:15