Wednesday, January 21, 2009

When The Family Shrinks

It's been a long week and it's only Wednesday. All the inaugeral hoopla, a little bout with some bug, some very deep cuts at my company and plans for a quick trip to Mexico (I think - have to post on that if I become convinced anyone in our little band of asylum escapees actually knows where we're going) have made for some restless nights.

The economy has been tough on everyone...this week it hit home with my "work" family...Yes, I'm still employed (they're never going to find someone to work my hours for as little money) but some people I've worked with a long time were "broomed."

This is hopefully the worst it will get, but I've seen a lot of strange things and odd decisions in the broadcasting biz over the past three decades or so.

To my friends who are no longer my co-workers...know you are missed. Also know careers do not define who you are.

I have been blessed to see many of my "work family" members at a level that goes far beyond work.

The path may have taken a twist...but our relationships bend with the seasons.

Bless you my friends...we'll talk more when and if I return from or go to Mexico.