Monday, March 24, 2008

Talking The Talk

So, I was looking up some translations this morning and ran across this guy.

Of course if you don't speak Spanish you don't know what he's saying...

This is the English reverse translation of what I originally typed...but I had to modify it after realizing that it lost a lot in the translation.

Speaking of not perfect. A preacher near Fort Worth is offering you a chance to win a new vehicle if you'll listen to his three minute testimony, and hopefully be convinced in those three minutes to give your life to Christ.

Personally, I've always said whatever gets you right with God works for me, but I sort of wonder if the promise of eternal life in God's kingdom isn't "bait" enough. Winning a car seems a little earthly doesn't it?

Then again, this Pastor's ministry has dabbled in the unusual before. I think he's the same guy who offered people at a rodeo who listened to his testimony free rides on a mechanical bull.

The drawing for the car is being overseen by the law firm of:

Whitaker, Chalk, Swindle and Sawyer.

Sometimes, you just have to write it and leave it up to interpretation.