Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Offend? Moi?

"Do I offend?" - Pepe Le Pew

Please don't take offense.

These images are from a "college humor" website.

Seriously, if you can't be silly when you're a kid...when can you be?

Okay, I suppose my posting this makes the point that you can be silly in your 50's too.

Anyway I am old enough to have edited out some of the images which were guaranteed to offend. I may be young at heart, but I'm in a slightly wiser "wineskin."

Of course, there are folks who will become fixated...they won't budge in their opinions, nor lighten up. They're just sort of stuck in their beliefs about this sort of thing.

But I don't believe there's much sense in washing our hands of everyone who offends us.

Maybe it's because I remember doing a lot of silly, stupid and probably offensive things. As I aged, I saw things differently.

I think once in a while - not always - remembering the dark days of your past is an excellent way to shed light on the path you should take in the future.


If I did offend you, my apologies. Please click here, I'm sure this website will not disturb you theologically, morally or mentally.