Sunday, March 02, 2008

Final Four Hotel Rooms - Still Available!

Plenty of room at the inn...

Are there still rooms available for the NCAA Final Four?

Open hotel rooms for the NCAA Tourney?

Final Four hotels?

Anyone asking you those questions...probably not, I just put them in there to play with search engine algorithms.

You see, this is a blatant plug.
I'd apologize, but we live in a capitalist society.

Google will search my blog faster than any website I can put up.

Pardon the interruption but I wanted to get this in to answer those folks needing Final Four lodging.

The are plenty of available rooms for the 2008 Men's NCAA Final Four in San Antonio.

You need to remember that there are a dozen or more cities within 30 minutes of downtown San Antonio, where the NCAA Final Four rooms are less expensive and plentiful!

Hey, I've been working on this stuff during every free moment, and plan to for the foreseeable future. As a wise man once told me, "If you're not going to promote yourself, who is?"

So think of it as sort of like financially motivated blog Tourette's...once in a while I'll just spout something that seemingly makes no sense. Of course, the argument could be made that this is not a new phenomena...

Inexpensive rooms available for the Final Four!