Thursday, January 24, 2008

Separation Of Church And Safe - Part One

I've had a variety of things I wanted to write about recently but have been derailed by one thing or another - for example The Dish Network which I was foolish enough to allow back into our lives a couple of years ago and recently learned has apparently adopted "organized crime-like" tactics in lieu of "Customer Service." I don't want to blog about it, especially since I ranted about how bad The Dish Network was in this same space four or five years ago when we got rid of them. After several days of dealing with their antics, I really don't need anyone saying, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...yada yada yada." So, let's not go there...directly.

If you really want to make an attempt to follow the comical yet "frightening Dish Network" invasion of our privacy, as well as our foray into potential fraud, theft and malfeasance allegations involving DISH SATELLITE, you can click on the link I highlighted above. Good makes my head spin and I won't be held accountable for spelling or grammatical errors. Most of that stuff was written following hours upon hours of belligerent interrogation room-like torture thankful I removed the profanity.

[Momentary aside added Friday: I should mention that the information about the DISH debacle is constantly being updated now, since I am being compelled to keep a log of sorts - otherwise I couldn't remember all the seemingly endless twists and turns. So now it's turned into sort of a constantly running Soap Opera except not as well written and there's no sex...however as it continues to bloom and fester it is turning into some good comedy...if I don't dwell on the price of admission.]

Short version: NEVER SUBSCRIBE TO THE DISH NETWORK. One day I may publish photos of the scars I carry from failing to adhere to that advice, but right now the images are far too graphic.

Okay, so what's been on the functional part of my mind when I haven't had my ear stuck to a phone trying to converse with people whose responses are limited to pre-written moronic corporate dictates?

I've been kicking around this nebulous idea about how we adhere to God's word and desires based on the God we know...or think we know.

Blame this guy, he started it:

Some months ago that guy, A.J. Jacobs, released a book entitled, "The Year of Living Biblically." He's already had more publicity than the book merits but the Reader's Digest version is the writer details his one year attempt to abide by "every" law in the Bible. I'm not talking the "Top Ten" - despite Jacobs' possible "Moses envy issues" displayed in the above image. He is "old school" or rather "Old Testament" and manages to drag out his stunt by selectively trying to adhere to the laws or what he interprets as Biblical "laws" covering all sorts of things from cleanliness to playing lyres. He kept up the shtick for a year. More notably he dragged it out for 388 pages and got a book deal.

Hopefully he may also have gotten something out of The Book.

So that concept started me off on this tangent of considering how I personally am "selective" in abiding by the tenets of the Bible, and really my thoughts on how most people are not too unlike me in that regard.

It's to be expected right? I mean times change, people change, society changes, the world changes...God cha...

Whoa...let's hold up a sec.

Don't misunderstand me. I'm not referring to "New Testament" Christians, those of us who believe we live on the other side of Christ and therefore have a different "covenant" or relationship with God.

I mean God Himself. Obviously, I believe our relationship with God changed...but did God change?

It's a rhetorical question, not to quiz. Well, at least not yet and certainly not administered by me.

This notion keeps coming back to me though.

I was going to outline some other considerations today, but honestly - following what we've been put through this week by the minions of Satan the DISH Network, I'm too tired.

So, tune in tomorrow.* I promise I will tie these thoughts from Leviticus to little old ladies to LEGO® related products.

*"Tomorrow" is not to be considered a legally* binding deadline. [Momentary aside added "late" Friday - "Oh! There is NO Way."- mm]

*Dish Network employees refer to last page (page three) of EchoStar Customer Service pamphlet for DISH Network definition of "legally" as it may vary from other - more common - interpretations.