Tuesday, January 01, 2008

"Ptew!" On 2007

I started out thinking I would write about my thoughts on ushering out 2007 like the Greeks do with people or things they want to forget or perhaps it's a Jewish tradition (I'm not Googling it) - to spit and say, "They're dead to me." Maybe it's just something I've seen in the movies...

In any case, that would be too easy and too harsh. In 2007, we certainly experienced grief and disappointment. We had unattained goals,setbacks, and personal losses.
However, the year also saw new friendships, a closer - more accountable - relationship with God, and of course the joyous lunacy of a young lady in Ohio who agreed to marry our son.
2007 had too many high points for me to wish to "Ptew" its memory.

Truthfully, shouldn't we always expect life to get better?
I suppose each new year should be greeted like a fresh pot of coffee, you hope it's brewed perfectly from the start but we all know there are times when a little extra cream or sweetener makes it a bit easier to swallow.
So with coffee, or the beverage of your choice, I offer up a short toast to the year behind and the year ahead.

May we say goodbye to 2007 savoring all the components which made its flavor rich.

May 2008 be a year that has more ups than downs.

May we always be able to see the valley's end because of the highlands ahead.

May we plant new seeds of friendship, and watch established relationships blossom.

Most of all, may we always remember to recognize and praise the unceasing mercies and blessings of our loving God.

PHOTO CREDIT:Edward A. Ornelas/San Antonio Express-News

                           HAPPY NEW YEAR!