Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Out To Sea

This post is a preemptive strike. I'm writing it beforehand, knowing that we'll be scrambling in the next few days to be prepared for a short, but memorable journey.

(((Okay, since I wrote that we've had some setbacks so it's now turning into a mad scramble and I'm praying I'll be able to work everything out and that Amy will be healthy enough to enjoy it)))

The dogs and house will be well taken care of...probably better than when we're around...and we should be carefree. ((Should being the operative word there)) Which means I won't be posting for a week or so...not even taking a laptop or a phone with me. (((Maybe a phone, but no charger)))

This is a time for celebration, family and relaxation. ((God willing))

I might point out that after months of aggravation with Blogger, quite possibly years, I've finally figured out how to "trick" it into not screwing up my archives every time I publish a new least at the highest levels, if you start to dig too deep Blogger will take you into a land of code and confusion which I haven't the time or energy to decipher.

This means if you're really lacking for something better to do and think you can't tolerate static've got a plethora of variety at your mouse tip. Heck, there's stuff I wrote that I don't remember writing in there.

So while we're(((please God))) out "adventuring," you can now easily careen through nearly the past five years of our lives which are detailed month by month in a neat and tidy drop down menu on the right hand side of the page...or you could do something productive, like clean your garage...or for that matter mine.

Anyway, there's no reason for concern. We'll be back. ((If we manage to leave))

But it's very apparent that this will be my last post for a week to ten days, I have a lot to do and Amy needs to rest and hopefully start feeling better or else we'll end up exhausted and sick at sea.

So I'm posting it a little earlier than planned, luckily I wrote most of this a week or so ago (I had a feeling).

Anyway, fear not...we shall return!

For now however think of us the immortal words of Doug Moe,

"Here today, gone to Maui...." *


I do promise to bring back pictures...and hopefully some spiritual insights. I've already thought of a title, "The Old Man and The Sea." Catchy huh?

* No we're not off to Hawaii, but I love that quote.