Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Random Updates, Snakes And Stuff

Yeah, I know...I'm still not writing here much. I've been preoccupied a bit partially in the land of bizarro, and partially by some slight reconfiguration of my work duties which require me to rejigger my schedule.

Anyway, I figured I'd give a rambling update of some recent events.

Today I stopped by the Salvation Army Rehab Center where Erik has pitched his tent and future hopes for the next six months. I stuffed a little money and some other sundries in his "account." He's now able to email us - hence the pitch for cash - and we'll be able to visit him Sunday for a couple of hours I think. He's seemingly doing well and working through some of his issues...hopefully we'll have a better read on the situation after Sunday.

It appears we're going to have a completely "empty nest" very soon. We're taking Thao out for a "birthday lunch" - a couple days late - shortly. She just told me she thinks she's going to be moving out tomorrow! We knew she was leaving within the next week or so, but apparently the new job she's going to attempt is going to start sooner rather than later. We're going to miss her, but I suspect we'll keep in touch. Anyway, that bit of news, along with other things has Amy in a bit of a frenzy.

Amy had already starting hunting for new "Upper Room" ministry guests, but I asked her to hold off on that for a bit. Maybe we can use this time to get our Upper Rooms a little more orderly...I'm speaking both literally and metaphorically.

I sort of want some time with "just us." Plus, it would be nice to have a little while when I know I can walk out of our bedroom in my underwear without worrying that I'm going to gross out the cat. That's a family expression, we don't actually have a cat but you get the picture.

Speaking of pictures, I noticed this story today about a guy in Central Texas who has set the world record for sitting in a "bathtub" full of rattlesnakes.

I'm not sure what the record was before, or who held it...more importantly I'm not sure why anyone would want to hold it...or a rattlesnake. However I couldn't resist putting up a picture of a guy in a bathtub full of rattlesnakes.

I was hoping to find another photo...of a guy I received a letter from today. He's running for President. His name is Daniel Kingery.

His letter reads in part:

I am a Presidential candidate. As much as I would like to be with you and as I would like to take the time to speak personally with every citizen in these United States to answer each of their concerns.

Apparently, he decided to stop that thought rather than risk a run-on sentence.

The quickest way I can reach the most people, while I sell my laundry business to help fund my campaign, is to do telephone interviews at all hours of the day and night.

I haven't done an interview with him, although I might because he does sound intriguing and he sent me his phone numbers.

He also enclosed two newspaper articles, one from a New Hampshire paper and one from an Arizona newspaper. One mentions that he "turned a junkyard into a makeshift outdoor strip club, and that he was a frequent litigant in the region's (N.H) judicial system, donning kangaroo and clown costumes (sometimes simultaneously) in court proceedings."

He does sound intriguing...doesn't he?

His letter goes on to direct me to his website -www.portablepublishing.com - with the explanation that the site was originally set up for the publishing company he was starting when "the need for me to run for President became clear."

No sense wasting a good website - he must be a fiscal conservative - although I suspect DanielKingeryForPresident.com is probably still available if and when his campaign really takes off.

Apparently he's already written a book - hence the publishing company - since the other article mentions it. The title is: How I Became President in 2008.

A fiscal conservative and obviously an optimist - with the bonus that he occasionally dresses up in clown and/or kangaroo costumes.

Yeah, he's winning me over quick.

There is some fascinating stuff on the site though, including his proposed re-write of the U.S. Constitution - well actually he says, "The need for this re-(w)righting our Constitution is long past due." Especially because of,"Past Abusses." Presumably, that doesn't include past abuses of the English language.

Who am I to judge? He's a former Marine, who says he used to work on Presidential helicopters - okay, let's not dwell on that...

Alas, I can't find a picture of him anywhere..., but at least you know you have some other choices out there....some way, way out there.

If I do find a photo, I'll make sure and post it.

I mean after all, anyone who volunteers to run for President amid the nuts already running, certainly deserves as much space here as some guy in a bathtub full of rattlesnakes.

In truth, they probably have a lot in common.