Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I've Gone Mascot Mad!

I've become infatuated.

Not to worry...I've become infatuated with a website called Prep Sportswear.

I wasn't a big fan of sports in high school or college...and the only teams I really keep track of now are the Cowboys (hey, I paid my dues) and the Spurs with whom my fanaticism is well documented.

I went to R.L. Turner High in Carollton, which is right outside of Dallas. Turner had the "Fighting Lions" which is not exactly a team name that appears to have taken a great deal of thought.

The last thing I need on earth is another t-shirt, however at Prep Sportswear I could get a "Turner Fighting Lions" t-shirt if I did want one.

But there are plenty of other high schools around the country that have certainly more thought provoking team names.

Oh, hang on...I've only started and I had to stop myself because I was having too much fun.
Too twisted to be a Pretzel? Maybe Beetdiggers make you blush. Not to worry....the choices are endless..

Maybe you want a high school t-shirt or sweatshirt that's more dignified, something that better befits your image in society.

Not a problem.

I could go on and on.....Okay, I will but only for a few more I promise.
I don't even want to consider how one cheers on the "Cheesemakers."

Those questions are for more thoughtful minds than mine....

Personally, after spending WAY too much time looking around at the various high school mascot names, I think I've decided on the one that at least is realistic, doesn't pump kids up with false self-esteem, and gives them a goal that they can likely achieve.