Friday, October 05, 2007

Death In The Air

He died a slow it wasn't unexpected.

Still I mourn a little today.

I mean I knew it was coming, I saw it years ago. He died from a variety of causes including technology, lies, other people's incompetence, and wounds inflicted as he was stepped upon by the feet of small minded people with big heads. In the end he outlasted most of those people, but the damage they did to him on their way to oblivion ruined any real chance of survival.

My apathy toward his well-being also played a large part. I had several chances to play the game a different way, make demands and make sure he received proper recognition. Some folks took notice anyway and made offers which might have given him more life, a bigger life, and certainly more money. However I would have had to follow him, and those offers were never timed quite right. They had great potential, but also would have required great sacrifices. I wasn't in a place to take a gamble, so I turned those offers down for him. I let him live in the background because I could afford to do that and he had no ego. I don't really regret that, except maybe just a little bit today.

He was only supposed to live for a week anyway.

Who knew he'd fly for the better part of 20 years?

In the end Corporate Cookie Cutters with their own career agendas controlled his fate. He outlasted most of them but not before they had gutted and devalued him.

Today he said his final words and no one noticed...he had become a soulless voice long ago.

I noticed. I couldn't help but notice.

So long Chris Michaels...I know you're as happy as I am that you've finally been put out of the misery imposing shackles of the unimaginative.

It was a pretty stupid pseudonym after all...and it sure lasted longer than I ever expected.