Friday, September 07, 2007

The Curse & The Calling

I'm starting to believe I've discovered God's purpose for me in this whine.

I mean I have used this space to whine about all sorts of bad customer service, bandwidth theft, and other stuff over the years.

The few of you who still read these ramblings (you'll have to figure out why God is punishing you in such a manner) saw a post the other day in which I railed on a "splog" called on which someone set up a "blog" which stole a post from me, without giving me credit...yeah, they must not be real picky.

Anyway, I tracked down the registrant for that site, not that specific blog, but the site and ranted on and on about the guy, Matthew Hockenberry, calling him names, being about as nasty as I can be without NBA referees being involved.

I should also mention that I didn't find that stolen blog post. My friend, Gordon, sent me a note saying he had found it.

Okay, so today I received an extremely apologetic email from Matthew explaining the site was only being hosted by him for a friend for a future project using the software WordPress MU. He was really upset, not with me calling him names, not with me at all. He was mortified the site was being used by sploggers and spammers and that I had been "ripped off." He removed the offending blog and eventually shut down the entire site.

He also was actually thankful that I was a whiner.

This is a portion of one our email exchanges...

"This is really frustrating. Wordpress MU seems like a really great piece of technology to get a community of people blogging together, but there doesn't seem to be a good way of controlling the spammers. I would have thought they would use the same anti spam service that comes with the regular version of Wordpress - but apparently not.

We really owe you for complaining about this, if you hadn't we wouldn't have known how bad the problem is and might even have used this technology someplace else."

So, I didn't feel bad about being a whiner, and I of course removed the post berating Matthew.

However then I also realized something else.

My friend Gordon who, as I mentioned, alerted me to the original post also told me he was working with an organization/company in San Antonio on a project potentially using Wordpress MU, so these problems of abuse were enlightening to him as well and may change his approach too.

Now, I'm making an assumption here...and Gordon if I'm wrong, just don't tell me because if so this whole diatribe won't work...but I suspect Gordon is working with the folks who run a faith based organization based in San Antonio.

The name of the organization...The High Calling.

Okay, so maybe my "calling" isn't so "high"....but who am I to argue?

" It's not much of a tail but I'm kind of attached to it" - Eeyore