Friday, August 31, 2007

The End Of Time & Other Stuff

I've been rather lax in writing lately, this is due to any number of factors not the least of which is laziness. Also my laptop has been sent off for repair so I have to fire up my rather creaky desktop computer which is always somewhat risky.

Let's see - unrelated updates on various stuff.

Amy is doing better, she's not exactly doing handsprings but some of the symptoms she was having which concerned us a great deal have almost disappeared, so we think we're on the right track in dealing with that issue at least.
My recent fuming at Budget Host produced few results, except a call from someone at the corporate public relations department of Budget Host Inn who was apologetic but did nothing to really improve my opinion of the entire Budget Host Deluxe Inn chain.

However I did get a very nice response from the wonderful people at the Convention and Visitors Bureau in beautiful Fredericksburg and an apologetic note from the Chamber of Commerce. The gentleman from the Visitors Bureau informed me that the board had voted to stop promoting the Budget Host Inn in Fredericksburg for six months, apparently due to a number of issues they have had with that particular member of the hospitality industry, not simply because I sent them a ranting email.

Also a member of the CVB board happens to own a Bed & Breakfast in Fredericksburg and decided to offer us a free two-night stay to assure us that Fredericksburg's well deserved reputation of being a wonderful place to visit is still in tact. That was exceedingly kind, and really a bit much...

I felt terrible accepting, but really it was the only polite response.

This video has probably made it all over the Internet by now, but I did enjoy the story of this high school kid's prank.

The YouTube video is apparently a hit.


Oh, one other thing... in case you hadn't heard, the end of time is near.

Oh, no no! Sorry, I don't mean the end of ALL time....well, actually I don't know I suppose it could be but what I meant was the end of this time.

That's right, for six decades or so AT&T has operated a phone number, usually ending in 1212, which you could call and get the exact time.

AT&T says these days not many people call to get the time thanks to other modern day methods available to them like cell phones, PDAs, computers, the Internet and um, clocks. Anyway, that service is now officially on borrowed time. Get your calls in before time runs out!

The end of time is scheduled for September can set your clock by it.
If nothing else that bit of news provides me with an opportune segue...I need to end this little ramble.

Time's up!