Friday, July 27, 2007


I have no idea what that title means...but it came to mind when I looked at my blog after getting an email from Travis - thanks Travis!

I've been messing around with some website design, not really this one, and a little sleep deprived following a late night dinner our two house guests arranged with a bunch of their far too young friends...apparently somewhere along the way I did a technical change to the blog, the wrong way.

I came home from work and slept all day...and if Travis hadn't sent me an email saying, "Um, did you know your blog looks like a train wreck?" or something along those lines, I might have let it go all weekend. I mean, I don't "read" my blog, I'm not really sure why you do, but I only look at it if I've written something so I can see how many spelling and grammar corrections I can spot before "my old friend Harlan" or Amy.

In any case, if you visited here earlier today and saw a jumble of were splurgled...sorry..

Now I suppose I should say something more substantive...

(tapping fingers)

(humming out of tune)

You know, I could make this a "Mime blog" instead. That might be a first, although I'm afraid to Google it to find out. I did find this photo of "Mimes for Jesus."

They actually look like they have an interesting ministry, although their website does have sound...reminiscent of a Monster Truck Show radio ad. I've said it before, whatever brings folks to Christ...I'm not going to judge.

The mime ministers presumably don't ever have to worry about praying too loud, which I also noticed is apparently a heated issue in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Evidently a prayer assembly of some sort (hey, I just woke up from a long nap, you want me to research the facts?) really ticked off some folks...especially since it lasted into the early morning hours. It appears public sentiment about the gathering is mixed, at least from what I read on-line.

I do love the comment saying essentially, "You folks are really gonna complain about the noise when Jesus comes back."

Oh by the way, I realized I have the wrong photo of me up on this blog. I don't know who that old guy is....this is the real Michael Main.

Yeah, right. Well, I mean he is Michael Main, he's just not me.

Sigh, the hazards of "ego-surfing." Apparently some very intelligent parents named their strapping son, after me.

Oh, let an old man dream.

That Michael Main may one day be a big league ball player...the upside being I may be able to sell him the rights to my website for a fortune. Although if his eyes are really that blue, Amy may just give it to him.

Speaking of giving...apparently the "virtual world" of Second Life is turning into a new a mission field to reach heathens or at least people with hedonistic fictional web identities.

I've never spent a moment on Second Life. Having an "on-line" life seems like extra work to me, something I'm rather adept at avoiding in this life.

I think I'll stop now.

Yes, I realize all of this appears to be unrelated rambling, but that's all part of being splurgled...look it up.