Friday, July 06, 2007

The Oddly Familiar

We made it to Ohio uneventfully with the exception of Amy packing our entire house to take with us. Tomorrow we'll be driving up to Lake Erie, possibly by passing it for Cleveland to pick up our youngest child (if we can't con one of her cousins into doing it) if there's room in the car with all our luggage.

We won't be taking the "little truck that might" this year, which is good in that we've probably stretched our success ratio with that vehicle about as far as anyone could expect. It also means we'll have air conditioning and will be able to actually talk to each other on the way since the windows won't be rolled down...but it's a little sad that the little truck tradition is falling by the wayside. Yeah, I won't mourn for long.

Okay, I'm over it now.

I'm not sure if we'll take the back roads either, which is my usual preference...although I hope to get an up close look at the Solid Rock Church which I wrote about a few years ago when they were still in the process of building a giant statue of Jesus right next to the freeway.

I'd like to see it now that it's done. Lots of people have opinions about the giant Jesus, mine hasn't really changed in the past few years. Would I have spent money on such a thing? No. I have other theological priorities, but if it makes people feel the welcoming arms of God, gets someone to think about Jesus who perhaps wouldn't otherwise...who am I to judge?

I see the giant Jesus has now been immortalized in parody on YouTube...which really increases my desire to drive by it.

Oh yeah...we've got to drive by it at least.

Of course I'm trying to determine if we can go by Dublin, Ohio too. To see the "largest ears of corn" in the world.

I love stuff like that...but not everyone no one in my family seems to share my enthusiasm especially when it involves the word "detour."

My impaired sense of direction is already well documented, so if we happen to "get lost" and accidentally land in Dublin...well, it's just another twist in the road.