Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm Sad To Announce...The End

Of being nice.

Chuck Sigars! You've been punked! A little earlier than I planned because...well, I'm tired of messing with this...

Don't worry folks, you're just being redirected to another page for the next day.


Okay, originally this post was set up to redirect you to another page, which I'll give you the link to in a moment, that was put up in honor of Chuck's birthday...alright it crudely mocked him.

I did extensive research for this project....okay, I actually just went back through Chuck's archives to find his birth date. It was all set up late yesterday afternoon, designed to zip people over to that page and it worked beautifully.

Then I got an email from Chuck. It was very nice...all accept for the part about how his birthday isn't today, IT'S TOMORROW!

This is not my fault! His archives say TODAY is his birthday. Chuck claims this is a mistake due to his messing with his template or some such blather, I suspect it might be early onset Alzheimer's. In any case, I've now modified the "punked" page a little to reflect Chuck's latest claim. Maybe he's punking me, but it's probably for the best since Blogger really doesn't like the way I tinkered with the code to redirect the website. Plus you can leave comments here if you wish.

So instead of being surprised - it surprised Chuck and who else really cares about Chucks' birthday anyway? - I'll just let everyone else click on a normal link to reach the page.

Click here if you have no idea what I'm talking about...yes, I realize that's everyone who is reading this...sigh.