Monday, July 16, 2007

Delta Is Ready.....Long After You Are...

Well, let's see we managed to packed 700 pounds of luggage into 4 suitcases...convinced Delta airlines it was only 200 Amy and a small portion of her 40 quarts of Nyquil and make-up through the TSA guardians...okay she had to slug down some of the Nyquil before we were no longer a terror threat...and now we've been told our flight to Atlanta has been an hour.

Our hopes of getting immediately transferred to another flight were dashed...Delta is confident we'll make our connection.

Although there's no explanation for the delay, it really isn't a big deal since we have an hour lay-over in Atlanta before we fly to Austin...although at this point we haven't found a "friend" to drive to Austin at midnight on a Monday to pick us up.

I'm hoping we might be able to parlay this whole situation into another "bump" or at least a direct flight San Antonio...our luggage can arrive whenever it's allowed.

Right now I'm sitting at the Columbus, Ohio airport - which has free wi-fi - Amy is quasi-asleep on my shoulder (she wasn't going to let all that Nyquil get confiscated) and all is well.

I'm really only posting this because I can...I bought a new laptop (for the business) before we left, and once we get home it'll actually be mine to this is really my first opportunity to play with it. It's nice to have a laptop with all the keys, plus a battery that recharges without me having to use a hammer or some form of Santeria.

As always, there appears to have been significant changes at my job while I was gone...I long ago learned to leave that stuff up to God. Presumably I'll have a job when I get back.

If not maybe I'll take the laptop back :)

If anyone reading this is going to be sober in Austin at midnight (Monday night/Tuesday morning) and wanting to drive to San Antonio (you must have a car that can hold two people and 9000 pounds of luggage) feel free to email me or Amy...or call us if you're familiar enough with us to have our phone numbers.

Signing off now....

In Nyquil we trust.