Thursday, June 07, 2007

Seeing Above The Problem

I've told Amy often enough if work were fun they'd have called it sex.

However this wasn't the best of days at the office and I'm really feeling pulled to explore some other options. I don't want to make that decision in a time of frustration and there are other factors, a lot of other factors at play.

Still today I allowed the frustrations of being forced for the past two years to work with dysfunctional equipment/software make me dysfunctional. That's not a metaphor, I'm not that deep or that dirty, our newsroom computer software integration makes my job increasingly more difficult, because the software sucks. I can deal with things that are broken, it's when no one deals with an obvious problem...for two bleepedity bleep years that sometimes I can let it dictate my productivity. Today was one of those days. There are some other things at play, poor people skills among people my job seemingly relies upon, and some doubts as to whether there is someone with the leadership to stop acknowledging the issues, and start working on them.

Anyway, today wasn't the best of days. I had to walk away...and pray.


Work is work.

Life is good.

Spurs are up at the half.

God is here.

I really have nothing to complain about.