Thursday, June 14, 2007

How Sweep It Is!

Only a few seconds to revel...before I go begin documenting revelers.

The Spurs have won their fourth NBA title and I know the series didn't get high TV ratings, but parents, little league coaches, school athletic directors, you folks should find a recording of this series to show to your kids and students.

There is something they may never have seen in their lives demonstrated in every game by both the Spurs and the Cavaliers from the last guy on the bench to the suits in the front offices.

Good sportsmanship.

You may have to explain to your kids what that used to be a common thing.

It's not so much anymore.

Congratulations to the Cavaliers, they are great competitors and their future is so bright I have no problem basking in a bit in the Spurs moment in the sun.

Great teamwork, good sportsmanship...and a sweep.

It doesn't get much better in my mind.

Anyone want to go for number five?