Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hair Today...

Amy is about to cut my hair off.

This is at my request and usually requires a few days and or months of whining. I am blessed with a full head of hair, it grows very fast and I hate waiting around to get a hair cut. If I walk into some hair cutting place and they have to take my name, I walk out...I don't have the patience.

So, we're now in the routine of every 4 or 5 months of simply shaving off my hair. In a couple of weeks I'll stop looking like someone who narrowly escaped the electric chair, in a month I'll look quasi-military if you ignore my gut. In two months I'll start to whine about my hair being too long, and then eventually Amy and I will start looking for the clippers - the ones we don't use on the dogs - and usually a month or two later we'll find them.

Amy swears she knows where they are, so I'm going to assume that shortly I will be shorn.

I'd post before and after pictures (Amy really really wants to do this) but I'm certain they'd come back to haunt me somehow.

The clippers cost about eight bucks at the store whose name I can never remember but sells stuff rejected in France and dog food made in China, which is less than the cost of hair cut...and they usually last about 3 hair cuts before they self-destruct.

Still a good deal for me.

Ah, she's found the clippers! That means it's time to comb out the sticks and bugs, so my worst nightmare won't come to pass...again.

Yes, on at least one occasion the clippers have died midway through the shearing process (I have really thick hair and they do cost 8 bucks) and I've had to slap on a ball cap and go buy another set before Amy loses her nerve, lest I end up with a rather lopsided Mohawk.

No this is not me...just some poor schmo who let his photo get on the Internet...see, ya never know when or where it'll come back to haunt you.