Monday, May 07, 2007

Moving Slightly To The Left

No, this isn't a political post. It's really a test post for the most part.

I've been diddling with trying to use the new features of Blogger, which seem to go to extremes to make it impossible - or at least maddening - for people like me who don't want to use Blogger as their host to utilize these supposedly cool new "layout" features - which you can't see unless you move.

I got so frustrated, I was going to jump to WordPress...but that seemed like I was going to have to use 70 different "tweaks" if I wanted to move this blog, retrieve my photos, comments, permalinks, etc.

Finally, I decided I would stay with Blogger, live without the grand new "layout" features designed to make my life simpler, and move the blog to

If you subcribe to the blog thru an RSS reader, I'm fairly certain completely unsure those feeds will still work. I succeeded in posting this to the old location for people and reposting it here, so hopefully it'll get everyone on the same page...pardon the pun.

If you are kind enough to have this blog bookmarked, or a link to this blog on your site, I would appreciate it if you would change that link to:

Yes, it would have been a lot smarter of me not to change everything before I wrote this...hindsight is...sigh.

Oh well.

Let's see what happens.

Assuming I do this right, I know that's a big assumption, this will be the last post at .

Thanks to "Sunflower", I've redirected the old site to this one, so all of this is really nonsensical at this point.

Personally, I feel that is probably a universal rule for most everything I write anyway.