Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Computer Woe Is Us

We've been snake bit by computer glitches lately. Amy's had the worst of it and it seems like every time we get one thing fixed another thing goes wrong.

I woke up from my well deserved nap (after staying up far too late watching the Suns spank the Spurs) to find my computer at a "Blue Screen of Death."

Luckily I was able to get my laptop, which is having power issues, to come to life long enough to track the issue to a program I had a run while trying to diagnose one of the problems on Amy's computer.

I rebooted into "safe mode" and turned off that driver verification program which Microsoft apparently put in to bedevil me, and my computer now runs seemingly as well as it was before.

Microsoft's "error reporting system" asked that I send it a report on the error, which I did and then it took to me a website saying essentially: "This error is caused by a driver problem. Solution: None."

Gee thanks, you've been a big help.