Sunday, April 08, 2007

Silly Wabbit

Happy Easter!

Today was good. Our sunrise service was very intimate, and were it not for the warm hearts surrounding us, it might have been very cold. However, we bundled up sufficiently, actually made it to the service on time despite its 7 a.m. start, and enjoyed it immensely.

Afterwards we dallied about for a while dropping some little Easter eggs around the park to hopefully surprise some youngsters...or oldsters as they traverse the various trails.

Last night I sort of did the same thing...albeit in a somewhat twisted way.

Recently I've noticed an abundance of people linked to this blog and wondered why. I've check out their blogs or websites and some of them are in foreign languages, some were very nasty, and one was blatantly anti-Christian.

Then I realized they weren't really linking to me, they were "hot-linking" to images on my blog. For the non-technical amongst you, "hot-linking" is a practice where folks find an image on someone else's site and instead of simply downloading the image and publishing it to their own computer, they put the image on their site by linking to the source site. This means every time someone logs onto their site, it reaches out to that other site, in this case my blog, to retrieve the image.

It is not only considered bad web etiquette, it's also really a poorly thought out approach to posting pictures since you're relying on a bunch of other sites for images on your site to load. It not only substantially slows down your site, it also needlessly uses all those other sites bandwidth.

It's not exactly a high crime or anything, but I did see it being done a lot and...well, I had time on my hands. You know what they say about idle hands...

So, I changed the names of several pictures I found were popular for hot-linking, and replaced them so another image comes up.

I didn't want to be too offensive and believe me when I searched for "bandwidth thief" images I found some folks get really testy about this type of thing. So I decided to take a photo I already had and modify it slightly. Then I changed its name so it would load on those other sites.

This is what they see now:

I hope that's not too mean.

Who said the Easter Bunny can't take part in April Fool's day too?

That's all folks!