Monday, April 23, 2007

Shouldn't You Be President?

I've never really understood why anyone would actually "seek" the job of President of the United States, especially in modern times.
The press scrutiny, the constant criticism, the daily polls supposedly reflecting your popularity, or lack thereof...and it's not like the job pays that well compared to private sector corporate big wigs with stock options, golden parachutes and the like. I mean the pay isn't bad, and sure there are plenty of perks...but really, there are lots of other jobs that pay better which you don't have to spend a ton a money to get, and every decision you make isn't second guessed in public.

Don't get me wrong, I believe strongly in the concept of service. I believe finding a place of service is a fundamental key to personal growth. I simply don't quite comprehend how someone decides they should be the person to serve as President of the United States. Of course there are lots of things I don't comprehend.

I'm really not very political, so rest assured I'm not running.

However you can.

Unfortunately, time is running out. is a website I only came across today when I saw that a guy from San Antonio was "running for President." That's really only a small step on his agenda, he actually aspires to be "King." I thought it would be a funny thing to write about him until I looked him up and well, he isn't so funny as much as creepy.

In any case, the website does let folks - every day folks - run for President every year. You can post your policies, your outlandish ideas...whatever.

However, you have to do it now.

Right now.

I mean immediately.

The deadline to register and enter the primaries is today, April 23rd - sorry for the short notice.

At first I thought that time line was so unreasonable there was no sense even writing about it. Then I realized how silly I was being.

After all, so many people seem to spend so much of their time ranting and raving about how this should be done or that should be done, whether it's the war, or immigration, or gay rights, or income taxes, or flag burning, or whatever. So many folks seem to have all the answers. Surely they shouldn't have any problem slapping together their platform at a moments notice.

So go ahead, run. Right now.

What's it going to hurt?

I mean it's not like your decisions or positions will be taken seriously anyway.

People may mock you, label you, blame you and even spit on your heartfelt desire to serve...but it's not like you'll require Secret Service protection or anything. The most you'll possibly suffer is a little humiliation at best.

Almost like the real thing...and doesn't it sound like fun?