Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Praises & Plugs

Hey, this is a blatant plug.

At least you were warned.

My friend, Glenn Dodson, has put together a new "Worship" of his longtime dreams.

He's not a big time music guy.

He's a guy in my church, and he bankrolled this puppy on faith, not intending to make a buck, but he is still intending for his kids to be able to eat.

You may have already noticed the link on the sidebar.

Moments ago, I realized - oddly enough before we were supposed to head over to Glenn's home for our Wednesday night group meeting (a plan that derailed at the last minute) - that he now has a way for you to sample the music, and download individual songs or the entire CD - legally - for a very modest fee.

You can click on the CD cover on the sidebar, or this link to get you there.

The CD - "Jesus be glorified" - is really intended, and I may be putting words in Glenn's mouth, I think for "Worship Leaders" to consider for their congregations.

However, it's well worth a listen for anyone, and I love plugging our friend's various enterprises, especially those who feel that God has led them in such creative directions.