Saturday, April 07, 2007

I'm Cold...Worse Yet....Old

It's cold and wet and getting colder...

It's April in San Antonio...tomorrow is Easter! It's going to be in the 30's tonight.
I received an invitation to join the AARP yesterday. Actually it was a "special offer." To qualify for the "special offer" I have to join before May 17th.

You have to be 50 years old to join the AARP.

I'm not 50...yet. I won't be 50 in May either. I tossed the "special offer" in the trash.
Our church has a Sunrise service planned outside at a nearby park Easter morning. I've been looking forward to it.

But it's going to be very cold...and probably wet.

I still want to go...although I may be the only one there.

I want to greet the day and the Risen Lord first thing. I want to celebrate new beginnings and a promising future even if I can't actually see the sun rise because of the clouds and rain.

Of course I'll need long underwear, gloves, a hat, wool socks, boots, a huge cup of hot coffee and will need to get up even earlier to work the kinks out of my bones brought on by the chill...

The AARP will send me another invite in June right?