Friday, April 20, 2007

Google Meet God. God....Google

I'm not feeling well...don't you love posts that start out with someone whining?

I could elaborate, but I suppose I really only need to mention that as justification for saying I haven't felt like writing, actually I haven't really felt like sitting up.

However, I did have to answer some emails, and pay some bills and that of course prompted me to try to find something else to think I looked around at some of the search phrases that brought people to this blog.

There are the usual ones...that breakfast sandwich which shall remain nameless lest I further cement my place in Google's hierarchy as the only person on earth Google believes has the recipe for it.

I've had a lot of folks, actually quite a few emails too, visit here during Lent because they were seeking information about the so called "Daniel diet." For a number of years I followed a modified version of that diet during Lent and at one time I put up a list of what was included. Much like the ingredients for that never to be mentioned again breakfast sandwich, I got my list from someone else on the Internet and forgot I posted it. However someone at some church found it, and suddenly this year I was their "expert." Apparently a good portion of the congregation was going to try the diet for at least 10 days.

That's fine, I got some very nice emails and replied to all of them with essentially the same message, "I'll try to help answer as many questions as possible, but in truth I believe you've mistaken me for someone with an actual intellect."

God has wonderful ways of keeping me humble.

Since I changed a few photos around the other day to discourage "hot-linking" I've discovered that the most sought after photo - even more prized than the picture of the birthday cake in a urinal - is the picture of Matt Robison, the young man in Ottawa who set a record for having his body pierced. I wrote a flippant piece about him a year or so ago, only to be rightly chastised by his Dad, which prompted me to write another post about rushing to judgment. It also sparked some nice on-line conversations with the Robison family.

A lot of folks are still hitting that old photo link and getting a picture of a woman drinking out a toilet. I have no idea what they're thinking when that happens...hopefully they don't think that's the latest incarnation of Matt.

Anyway, I didn't see anything in the search terms that justified me staying vertical much longer until I clicked on one more visitor arriving via Google.

This is what I found:

(click to enlarge)

They searched for: Main reason Texas is famous.

This blog came up first? Huh?

Ahead of the Alamo? Sam Houston? Austin? Heck, ahead of cows? How on earth could that happen?

I'm either sicker than I thought and am now hallucinating, or Google and God have some talking to do...they're quite obviously not on the same page about this humility thing.
P.S. Happy Birthday Kathy, we love you!