Sunday, March 04, 2007

By Your Command

**Before reading this post, you should read the post prior by Amy**

It's 6:09 a.m. and no, I didn't just get home.

Winston woke me up, as he always does, on the only days I can possibly sleep in...6:09 seems to be his trigger these past few months. So, I got up, fed the dogs - I'm going to have to video Winston eating soon and put it up here since we've now timed him wolfing down his food in seven seconds or less, but that's another story for another day perhaps.

Amy is still sleeping.

Let not your hearts be troubled, all is well, although Winston is still whining a bit. I suspect hoping he might be able to fool me into feeding him twice in my sleep deprived state.

Today is March Fourth, a date that helps me to remember it as our anniversary because it's the only day that's also a command. It seems somewhat ironic that last night Amy told me to, "Get out."

I followed her command and marched forth to our car, drove around, prayed, and did exciting things...I went to Wal-Mart...and then to a movie.

Then I came home.

As Amy said in her "Hijacked post" we've been enduring a number of stressful issues as of late, and I am the type of person who tends to like to - sometimes all too suddenly - confront such things, conquer or be conquered, but at least move on. Amy has a propensity to let things slide, hope things will get better without conflict....she is a patient soul.

So on fairly rare occasions we bump heads, usually mine leading the charge as I have the thicker skull.

It's funny to me that once we physically shored up the foundation of our home, the other things we considered foundations in our lives upon which we leaned so heavily seemed to go adrift.

Our church home became an uncomfortable place, friendships we thought would abide through all time seemingly vaporized overnight with no explanation and truthfully a disgraceful amount of cowardice, and Amy's health and stamina which had been rapidly improving began declining significantly.

In the midst of this, there was Moldova, Shell, and other issues which challenged us, and fatigued us.

And last night, for a few hours, it all stormed over us.

That storm has passed, and we are stronger.

They say faith untested is faith unfounded. I suppose the same goes with love.

Thirteen years ago today, I made a vow before God that I would love and honor Amy, that I would treat her children as my own, and that I would do so for all of my life. When the pastor who presided over our wedding asked who gave this woman into my care, Amy's father stood up and pronounced loudly, "Her Mother and I!"

Amy and her family were just crazy enough to have faith in me, and not run away laughing which I seriously thought they might.

Our lives are indeed in a season of disorganization, emotionally, physically and spiritually, but that vow I made before God is as strong today as it was March Fourth, 1994, and this is but a season among a lifetime of seasons.

Amy, I love you more today than 13 years ago if that's possible.

You know my faults, my fears and my failings, and yet you stand by me, you champion and encourage me.

In your eyes I see the man I am, the man I can be and the man, with God's grace, I will be in seasons to come.

What more could a man ask of a wife, a lover, and spiritual partner?

Hold my hand today as we kneel and pray before our God...but I ask you don't bow your head. Instead look into my eyes, and you will know I see it too.

I love you Mrs. Main....march forth a bit longer with me would you please...until the end of all seasons??

With all my heart...

Happy Anniversary dear.


Mr. Main

p.s. For the curious: The movie I saw last night? Amazing Grace.