Monday, March 19, 2007

BIG Voices... Lasting Legacies

I wasn't going to write much more about George Jennings. Honestly, I've been consumed since Friday reconnecting with old radio friends, and thinking a lot about relationships, and the ratio of careers vs community.

I'm also trying to help coordinate a "George story swap" session with some of the media folks who were caught in the Jennings' whirlwind at one point or another, hoping to convince Nancy, his bride of 45 years, to join us.

I knew George Jennings was a pioneer in the industry, and an amazing broadcaster, but I never realized the length of his legacy, and sadly I suspect George didn't either.

Anyway, while emailing "my old friend" Harlan, who gently helps correct my grammatical errors, and mentioning I wasn't going to write for a few days, I tripped over to a blog which I've been checking lately that is devoted to the Little Rock station which Jennings help put on the air, and where he became a "star." The blog is authored by a longtime friend of the Jennings family.

It contains a lot more stuff about George from people who knew him years and years ago.

I pirated the photo below from that blog site, and then found a link to one of GEORGE J. JENNINGS' newscasts from January of 1964 which is so priceless that I couldn't resist downloading the audio and putting it up on my server for anyone interested to hear. You'll find a link to the newscast below the photo.

Be forewarned it's a four minute newscast, complete with commercials, weather, and almost anything else it's a large file. If you don't have high-speed access, you'll have to be very patient.

Also bear in mind, it was 1964 so there is a word or two used that has long since been replaced in the American vernacular. No one will ever be able to replace George though...of that I am certain.

Take a BIG step back in time and hear a BIG voice by clicking here.