Sunday, February 04, 2007

Post Game Ramblings

Da Bears...Da Bad...and Da Ugly...

Not the most exciting Super Bowl..

Nice to see two Christian coaches going up against each other.

Nice to see the Colts owner and Coach giving credit to God.

Sad to see Rex Grossman no doubt being renamed "Goatman."

Nice to see Peyton Manning get the "can't win the big one" monkey off his back.

The commercials? The E-Trade "finger" commercial was at least humorous...sort of...I guess the NFL & FCC have gotten over their wardrobe malfunction phobia...if the price is right.

I think I was most impressed with the Coca-Cola commercials, especially the one simulating the Grand Theft Auto video game...thought that was done well.

Better than the Madden video game prediction, although they did pick the winner and the spread was on target...29-17 vs 38-27.

Glad to see the hype we can get down to serious business...