Friday, February 02, 2007

Bums, Bowls, Bloggers, and Bloatware.

I am liking the "new" blogger. It allows me to label posts under categories, something I don't need, but I might find amusing at some point...I'm easily amused.

The best feature is that when someone leaves a comment it tells me which post they are commenting on. I have folks leave comments about stuff I wrote years ago and I have no idea what they're talking about, now at least that confusion is cleared up.

It also let's me write stuff in advance, with the option of setting a date and time for it to post. I thought I might pull an Art Buchwald and write my obituary and then each month or two push back the date...but with my luck we'd have a power failure or something and it would accidentally post, and then I'd have all those sympathy notes to respond to, and I haven't written proper thank you notes to our Moldova contributors, and I still think some of the kid's Christmas presents are lost amid the chaos of our bedroom waiting to be mailed.

I would like to write my own obituary though, but I suspect Amy would frown on my using my time on earth for that purpose.

Shifting gears...I have no dog in the Super Bowl hunt.

Having been spared the Cowboy's final (for this season) embarrassment by our Moldova outing, I really have no favorite. We've been invited to watch the game with some friends, I think that will depend on whether we're coughing and wheezing...although Amy's cough at times sounds more like a "honk," so we could possibly pass her off as an air horn, though I doubt she'd appreciate that comparison.

In fact I'm fairly certain she won't...someday I'll learn.

Rapidly moving the subject along...I did get a news release from the folks at EA Sports who apparently already have played the Super Bowl using the video game Madden 2007.

If you care to make a wager based on the results of a video game, the folks at EA Sports are predicting the Colts will win, beating Chicago 38 to 27. I have no idea of their accuracy in predicting game outcomes and I'm not really the type to wager on football...unless you wanna bet the Cowboys lose by doing something stupid.

On the upside, one advantage to not having enough energy to get out of bed, I have spent several hours today upgrading my laptop (after finally commandeering Amy's old laptop, after giving my laptop to our youngest child for Christmas - Lisa was here, so she didn't have to rely on us mailing it to kid) to Windows Vista.

I didn't have any significant problems, I had to remove a lot of stuff to make room for it, and at one point it brought up what I think was a message thanking me for upgrading, but it was in Spanish. I somehow got it to return to speaking my language and it imported almost everything without any real hiccups.

I did have spend a good amount of time turning off all the stuff Microsoft put on Vista to make it so idiots don't screw up their computers (I mean every time you want to make a change, install something, delete something, a dialog box pops up essentially asking you, "Just in case you're a moron, are you sure you want to do this?"

In their defense, I suppose they have to take everyone into account when developing something like Vista, even members/owners/coaches of the Dallas Cowboys...

I also changed the interface back to "Windows Classic," so my initial opinion of Vista is it's nice, once you turn off all the stuff Microsoft added to it...then again when you do that you really have a freshly installed copy of Windows XP.

Admittedly, I only now started tinkering with it. Our lil' web company is a registered Microsoft partner so we got copies for free - if you don't count the fees we pay to be Microsoft partners - so I suppose Vista is well worth it at that price.

Then again, I thought the Cowboys had a chance to make it to the Super Bowl this year...