Tuesday, February 20, 2007

All Ready?

Lent is here already?

In all honesty, I haven't paid much attention to the calendar lately. Days come and go, weeks fly by and I seem to be doing a lot of things by rote.

Lent is here already?

The church we've been attending doesn't mark the Lenten season, no Ash Wednesday service, no emphasis on setting aside this time to make room in our lives for God. I will miss that formality, although I don't need a "church" to lead me in this time of repentance and self-reflection, I only need God.

The details of this journey are personal...there's no need to outline them here.

The goal is very public, to become more Christ-like and remove the obstacles that prevent me from communing with God in the way I wish.

So, over the next 40 days and likely beyond, I am embarking on some avenues which I believe will strengthen my relationship with my Creator.

Lent is here already?

That's fine.

In my case, I believe the participants are all ready.