Thursday, January 04, 2007

Please Pray


Things are generally going well here in Moldova. I've met some amazing kids, seen some pretty rough stuff, and made a few "connections" with kids which I hope will eventually lead them to consider connecting with God.

Amy has been having some health issues, which are concerning me greatly. We thought it was a medication mixup, but I've monitored her meds and she's actually not taking as much of anything as she was stateside...yet she's falling into these "fugue-like" states. We thought she might be allergic to something at the orphanage, so I kept
her at the team house this morning, but upon on return she was still pretty out of it.

Right now, I'm having to choose Amy's health over continuing work with the kids with whom I've developed a rapport. I'm hoping that some solid rest and close monitoring will get her back in the saddle. In the interim, when she has been feeling well she's been able to do some things to help the team while here.

Please pray that she overcomes this illness quickly. We have much to do and every hand is needed.

I've got some good stories to tell, Moldova is an amazing, alarming, and disheartening country. Some of these kids already have prison records and they're not yet teenagers. The orphanage is very's sort of clean and compared to others we've learned of,
it's okay...but believe me you wouldn't want any of your kids, or grandkids to spend any time there.

Some of the kids are crying out for God, but they fear making a decision for Christ will restrict their options for's hard to tell a kid who may be dumped out on the street with nothing
that he'll go to Hell if he steals, and hard to explain forgiveness for sin - thru a translator - without sounding like you're giving them a "free ticket." Some of the kids have peppered me with very tough theological questions and are not the most receptive to the translated responses.

On the upside, and there's been A LOT of upside, we've had some wonderful weather, it was "warm" by Moldova standards for our first few days. Yesterday we had snow...which led to a new form of outreach to young orphans...the snowball fight for Jesus :)

Our team is made up of some very devoted Christians both young and old and it's been amazing watching them work with some of the kids, and
working with them.

My version of "Gift Of The Magi" went over very well, thanks in large part of a great interpreter who really got into telling my version of the story.

The food is great, our accomodations (with the exception of lights going out occasionally and a hot water pipe breaking) have been wonderful.

We still have Christmas to celebrate with the kids and lots to do.

Please pray for Amy...I need her help...I think God needs all the help here He can get too.