Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mission Control, We Have A Problem

We've recovered from our trip to Moldova, although there are still things undone...

Hey, we will be sending thank you notes, but just to give some of you some perspective, two of our kids haven't received their Christmas gifts yet...due to our postal paralysis.

Yesterday, an old friend who left Covenant some years ago, contacted us and dropped a not so subtle hint about joining him on a mission trip to Mexico. I pretty much filed that idea away, considering finances, my remaining vacation time, and heck...we did just get back from Moldova. The trip would be next month.

Amy and I are still called to missions and so I'm not ruling anything out.

I want to remain positive about our mission goals...

So I have now edited out about 400 words I wrote...that post will come some other time, maybe. At least now I can cut to the chase.

"Go out and be the church."

Those are words we've taken to heart.

Sometimes, it also means making hard choices.

Last week we met with a "cell group" of the church we've been attending, and it was very good, very uplifting, very biblical. When we gathered for corporate prayer, Moldova was still pressing hard on my heart and I tried to briefly let these new friends know where we've been, both mission-wise and church-wise, and about the plight of the kids in Moldova.

As we were leaving, one of the elder members of the group took me aside and offered some very encouraging words about being called to missions and about the "mother church" with which this group is affiliated. I hadn't met this man before and here he was encouraging us to pursue what we feel is God's calling.

That meant more than I can say right now, for a number of reasons...again, another post, another day, maybe.

So this morning we go to church and in the order of worship is a notice about a "missions meeting" to learn more about what this particular church is doing with missions, offering mission opportunities, etc.

My first thought was, "We're not ready, God."

My second thought was, "When have you ever been?"

Maybe we'll go to the meeting tonight, maybe we'll go to Mexico next month, maybe we won' thing I know for certain...this mission stuff, has very little to do with "Ground Control."