Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Finally...I've Been Allowed In

After months of being prompted by Blogger to convert to the "new" version, only to be repeatedly rejected, suddenly today it let me make the switch.

Alas, our entire household has the crud...Shell started it, Amy got it next, and I'm croaking like a frog today. We all have the energy of an over-medicated slug.

A friend dropped by the other day and just starting cleaning our kitchen. We protested and tried to stop her, but soon she won out. You can always tell a true friend when they just "do" for you instead of asking, "Is there any I can do?"

With some notable exceptions, the folks who have come to our rescue over the years most often when we've been confronted with illness or hard times are those type of people, oddly enough, the people that come to mind most readily haven't been members of our church, or for that matter any church.

There's a lesson in that I suppose...or maybe it's the fever

Tonight is our next "cell group" meeting, so Amy and I are trying to rally.

It looks like the "new" blogger has some features which I'll like, but right now I think a dose of Nyquil and a nap sound more tempting.