Monday, January 01, 2007

Children Of Chisinau

Day 2 or so...the days kind of blend together. We visited two orphanages yesterday, one for very small kids...the other will be where we spend the bulk of our time.
The younger kids orphanage was really nice, very clean, the kids looked happy and well cared for...the other orphanage (and I'll post photos when I return) was very "institutional."
Everything is painted concrete, and the kids - some of them 10 or 13 - seemed "hardened" in many ways. We only had a chance last to visit as best we could, see some of their rooms, and try to make some connections. We had a plan going in which was quickly abandoned. I ended up just getting Amy to sing and following her into kid's rooms trying to get them to join us.

Today we will have a bible study session, play some games, do some crafts and have an evening devotional as well as one on one time with the kids in our "groups."
I'm pair up with two guys who have been here before, which is a blessing and a hindrance, they seem to know what they're doing, which is nice, but it does highlight the reality that I don't seem to know what I'm doing.

Other highlights...Amy and I strolled the neighborhood of the team house and tried to talk with a few shop keepers. It's pretty obvious that Amy is going to be the key to any communication I require.

We stopped by Mercy House, a project under construction on the outskirts of the city which -if completed- will serve as "transitional housing" for up to 25 young women once they are forced out of state run homes. There's another project, not as far along for young men. It will require a lot money, the okay - permits - from local government officials and apparently the okay of a local church leader who fears the baptists plan to actually build a church.

This is not evangelical ministry...this is feet on the ground for God stuff. We are trying to show this kids there is another way besides prostitution and other forms of crime...and the only tool we have is each other, the word of the Lord...and your prayers.

My computer time is up....more later.