Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Moldova Monies

Tonight is our packing meeting for our Moldova mission...the night we all shove toothbrushes, along with sweatshirts, socks, floss, toothpaste and assorted other items into one of the two bags per person we can take with us...everything in those first bags is designated for orphans and orphanage workers.

I just made our final payment for our trip. Our expenses were a little more than I bargained for, but we'll rebuild our emergency fund and still have money for Christmas with a little scrimping. I wanted to have the money issue behind us so we can focus on preparing for the trip, packing, getting all the other stuff done we need to do - did anyone else notice Christmas is like two weeks away? How did that happen?

For everyone who contributed to our madness, whether it was financial or floss or words of encouragement, again thank you.

You are the body of Christ.

We've decided to try something a little different with our personalized thank you notes - besides actually sending them, which would be a feat in itself for us, we still have Christmas cards to mail from 1996 - we're hoping to get pictures of some of the kids in Moldova and mail everyone who contributed, in any form, a personalized note with a picture of one of the kids, and maybe a little information about them. I really haven't broken that idea to Amy yet - I've typed every word I've written for 30 years, Amy has even taken to signing my signature so that it looks like something quasi-legible so she'll be tasked with hand-writing thank you notes, but it also relieves us of the stress of trying to get thank-yous out in a timely manner.

On occasion, there's a method to my madness...on occasion.

Anyway, the next couple of weeks are going to be hectic. Between trying to get "ahead" at work, Christmas shopping, fumigating so that visiting relatives don't leave wishing they'd been vaccinated before visiting, continuing our church journey, keeping Amy from overdoing, and making the house look as if we don't really live here, the truth is blogging will be sporadic.

I will keep you posted...probably in blurbs....we leave in three weeks with Christmas madness in between.

I will also have access to some type of computer in Moldova and hope to at least keep you folks updated a bit on our day to day adventures...I've already had some thoughts on flying air Moldova, which might substitute as a eulogy in a pinch.

Although I may be away from the computer, please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. We thank God daily for the support we have received from you nutty folks who read this blog, at a time in our lives of great hope, and honestly a heck of a lot of turmoil.

Please keep praying for Amy's strength, and that we will be able to convey the word we feel God is calling us to bring to these kids in a way that will resonate far beyond our brief visit. We are taking each of you with us...in our hearts.

Most of all, please know we are so thankful for our blog community, you have touched us in a time when we needed it most..this too I attribute to God. One day perhaps I'll be able to explain more fully the void which so many of you filled.

May God shine His face upon you and bring you peace.

Bless you all.


Michael & Amy