Sunday, December 17, 2006

Good Things Come In All Packages

We don't leave for nearly two weeks, and we're halfway packed for Moldova!

Of course, this was not by choice...we were forced to pack half of what we're taking since all the team members had to divide up stuff for the kids so Customs or the Mafia, or whomever decides to search our bags, doesn't think we're smuggling in dental floss for the black market.

Could there be a black market for dental floss? What would an underground floss peddler look like?

Okay, so that's a bizarre tangent...let's leave it be....

The point I wanted to make is that we had A LOT of stuff to pack: Sweaters for all the kids, hats, socks, beef jerky (these kids don't see a lot of meat...jerky is a fan favorite) toothbrushes, toothpaste

Sorry, I'll get the image of profiteering floss hawkers out of my mind now...I hope.

We really have a bunch o' stuff we're taking to these kids...

And I only took pictures of some of the items...

Alright, I'll admit it...I took one photo of...well, you know...

Anyway, we folded and moved items around between bags so no one had too much of any one thing. We stuffed and we crammed and we weighed each bag - every bag has to be under 50 pounds - and at the outset I don't think any of us believed we'd actually get all that stuff into 10 suitcases.

But we did...with room, and certainly weight, to spare.

It's amazing how, when you let Him , God can make room for you in a myriad of ways.

Later in the week, it did get me thinking though...

One of the things I want to do, and am in fact tasked to do, in Moldova is help take pictures of all the kids and assist in printing them out each night, so every kid can have a picture. I've got a fairly decent digital camera, nothing too fancy, and I have several memory cards that can hold a ton of pictures, which I also use for my MP3 player. Still, when I saw an ad for a really inexpensive (after annoying mail-in rebate) two-gigabyte memory card I decided to snag it while I could.

After shipping - and the annoying mail-in rebate - it'll cost us less than 20 dollars.

I couldn't find the link to the same deal any longer, but I know some of you will ask, so I looked about and found a slightly different SD memory card on the same site, "Tiger Direct," which is actually even less expensive....after the annoying mail-in rebate.

Good while supplies last, as they say.

So, I bought the card. They shipped it out the next day, and last week it arrived.

In case you're not familiar with the size of an SD memory's a little bit bigger than a quarter.

It arrived in this box:

Yes, those are my toes and one of our dogs - Avery - I wanted a little size comparison....Avery is a small dog. I have big toes.

Admittedly the card itself was sealed in that annoying "form plastic stuff" that requires a hacksaw -at minimum - to open, and in worst case scenarios blasting caps...but it still isn't very big.

And when I took it out of the annoying "plastic stuff which ought to be outlawed" and placed the card on the box - that's it sitting atop the label in the photo below - only one thing that came to mind...

"Man, they had room enough to shove a lot of floss in there too..."