Friday, November 17, 2006

The Week That Was

Thank God.

That phrase should really follow the title of the post, but it's probably not a bad way to start every thing I write.

Let's see, we're still in a little church limbo, it's tough to feel in community when you feel like there's an elephant in the room, and I have to be someplace where I can worship God freely.

A dear friend has asked me to go with him to a church he wants to check out, something less GIANT than the church he currently attends and I'm sure HUGE compared to Covenant. I haven't decided on that, the kids are performing the service at Covenant this weekend, so I'd like to be there. Some of those "kids" are not too far from college, and I taught them Sunday school when we were all trying to find our path to God...I suppose somethings never change.

My company, the media giant who shall remain nameless so I won't violate any corporate policies, announced it was "going private," which sent a few nerves a tingling. Amy was, quite frankly, hoping some benevolent soul would buy the firm, fire everybody and give everyone a years salary for every year they've been there - I've been there 21 years - I don't make a fortune but that type of money would rechart our course rather quickly.

I know that's what she's been praying...she prays very loud least I can hear her.

That didn't happen - God knows what's best - however it appears the folks I wanted to "win" the bidding war have won, and they're doing the things I had hoped they'd do which will free me from ever having to say the word "synergy" again. Plus, if things play out as I hope, I will keep my various duties, and make a few fast bucks that were supposed to be long term shekels. I'm not banking on that, but I'm employed and seemingly going to stay that way for a while longer. That's a relief.

My computer is running at home but it's in shambles...okay, most of our house is in shambles, but the computer is more of a mess.

Okay, I've tried repeatedly to get blogger to post this photo and it won't so, I'll have do it manually, an appropriate way to end a frustrating week.

Yes, that's a fan, blowing on my hard drives, which are perched between an interior fan trying to keep them from frying. The only advantage to this arrangement is that it does keep the dust and dog hair in a constant swirl which is occasionally amusing, albeit I'm easily amused.

Okay, it took longer to get that photo uploaded than I had planned and I can smell the computer - that's not a good thing, so I should probably assume I'm on borrowed time.

Anyway, we survived the week...things don't look too bleak after all, and there's still a lot of uncertainty in our lives. So what else is new? When has it ever been different?

Truthfully, we all lead lives of uncertainty and I'm sort of glad about that; I wouldn't want to always know what to expect next.

My computer is full of dust, God is full of surprises.

Oh...and I'm on vacation...looking forward to the week that will be.

Surprise me, God...You always do.