Monday, November 27, 2006

Various Ramblings

Anyone have 125 toothbrushes they're not using?

There's a sentence you don't hear/read too often.

I've put up a revised schedule of our Moldova Mission along with a list of items we're planning on bringing and or buying in Moldova. If someone is interested in donating these items - we need to bring enough for every kid - please email me and we can discuss it.

I'm getting a little apprehensive about the trip and excited at the same time. I think my apprehension may be that I saw how long it took Amy to pack for a two day trip to Dallas...

I may start her packing for Moldova this afternoon.

Other ramblings...

Interesting statistic: On Sunday the U.S. was officially "at war" in Iraq longer than the U.S. participated in World War II.

Every day I start my day by writing at least one story about American casualties in Iraq...the total is heart-wrenching, some 2800 plus.

For the record, the U.S. lost 406,000 troops in WWII.

I'm not trying to minimize one life lost...but I do wonder what American resolve was like some 60 years ago. Maybe there wasn't some guy like me writing a story every day about every casualty...

Anyone in need of a priest? You can rent one you know.



Most of these priests are Catholic but not recognized by the Catholic church because they're married, but I suppose they fill a void. I have a friend who wants very badly to become a priest in the Catholic church, but can't because he's happily married with five wonderful daughters. Perhaps I'll suggest he join Rent-A-Priest.

It looks like the Playstation III market is booming, at least on eBay. It's amazing how many people are willing to pay so much when another shipment will arrive in a few weeks.

eBay saw sales of 14,675 PlayStation 3 consoles between the Nov. 17 launch and last Friday at an average price of $1,186, according to eBay Marketplace Research. Between Oct. 17 and last Friday a total of 28,233 PlayStation 3 consoles have been sold on eBay at an average of $1,370.

The PlayStation 3 is available in two versions, one costing around $499 and the other costing around $599.

We could buy a lot of toothbrushes for that...