Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tonight's The Night

This is it...the start of the Spurs season!

Actually, I am rather excited about that, even though I'm going to miss (or at least tape) tonight's regular season opener.

Tonight, we have our "Moldova Team" meeting, which is bound to be eventful, although no one will be dunking or dribbling, unless someone brings donuts and coffee.

Today however may be an exercise in patience. Being ever prepared, Amy and I still have to fill out some forms, and get yet more dour photos for our Visas, which Moldova requires. Oddly enough they're going to stop requiring them on January 1st, but since we'll be arriving December 31st, we need to have and pay for the Visas. It's nice to know the bureaucracy is alive and well no matter where you are in the world.

I've also got to stop by the CERI office today. I'm actually killing some time at my office, since I know they won't be open too early. I've mentioned having a few communication problems with the CERI folks about donations and I have to have an exact total of what has been received by them tonight in order to write a check to cover the balance. Amy and I have always intended to pay a good chunk of the costs, and even with the amazing generosity of blog readers and family members, we'll still be contributing about a third of the costs, which is fine...I simply can't write a check for "about," I have to have an exact number.

Apparently the young woman, no doubt an overworked volunteer, who has been in charge of on-line contributions has recently gotten married and gone on her honeymoon. I'm working on the assumption she's returned and has been digging through the stuff piled on her desk, which includes about twelve unanswered emails from me...not to mention voice mails.

Anyway, with time running out, and since the CERI offices are on my way home, I figured I'd drop by and see if I can't get this worked out.

Wish me luck.

Surely, it won't be more difficult than getting Amy ready for another photograph for our Visas.

Why is the theme from "Man Of La Mancha" running through my head?

UPDATE: Wouldn't you know it? Just as I was closing out my email, the CERI volunteer I've been "spamming" replied to my email promising to have the information for me by 10 a.m.

No need to go visit (not sure she really would want to see me anyway)...guess I'll be able to squeeze in a nap today after all...and watch the Spurs replay.

Tonight's the night, but today is off to a good start too.