Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Magi Mainly

We've renewed our journey in earnest...

We still have a church home, but we feel an increasing calling to spend Advent not only waiting for Christ, but seeking Christ in new ways.

I began our wanderings checking out a church on-line, sort of a satellite church of a MEGA-church in San Antonio which a friend attends - the mega-church that is.

A mega-church is not ever going to be our home...at least I don't feel God leading us that way. In fact, I believe God is leading us to smaller gatherings than even the tiny church we currently call home.

I thought this particular fellowship was in a distant part of town which would in truth hinder us, but as it turns out, it's right around the corner and truly focused more on home churches or groups that gather weekly and then re-gather together on Sundays to worship together.

All we did today was wander...on the internet...then a few minutes on the phone...and eventually opting to "stop by" and talk with the worship leader who happened be the only guy in the place.

It felt right...at least for now.

They've got a coffee bar...I'm just saying...

One step in our journey. We'll see where it will lead, but it was comfortable in many ways.

So this Sunday that's where I suspect our journey will take us...we may decide it's not the right step...and most certainly that we need more time.

But the season of Advent is upon us and we are wandering and waiting...to be guided by God.

I'm certain the wise men of old took some steps they were unsure of too...

In the end, whether we turn around or race forward, I know this much...God won't steer us wrong.