Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Don't Care If It's Gonna Blow Up

A couple of years ago I wrote about the proliferation of balloon-like Christmas decorations and peppered that post with lyrics from a song I learned in junior high called "Plastic Jesus."

What actually startled me, was the number of folks who commented or emailed that they were completely unaware of the song. A lot of my friends were Catholic when I was a boy, so I suppose having a plastic Jesus on the dashboard was something they were more familiar with, and I simply assumed everyone knew that song.

Today I ran across a guy who's selling "Plastic Mohammeds"...or more precisely, bobblehead Mohammad dolls for your dashboard. BEWARE: The website is not polite and littered with profanity.

This guy is obviously playing with fire...but I think he lives in Hawaii so he doesn't fear a "Jihad." Still, it did get me wondering what the lyrics would be for a satirical song....

"I don't care if ______"

Any song writers out there?

Be nice.