Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hits, Stats, Stacks & Wives

I've been cleaning clutter from my blog template for two reasons:

1. It allows me to avoid cleaning the house, primarily folding laundry, which is what I really should be doing.

2. I think since I'm now "Philosopher King" of a web hosting/web design business I'm going to put a few ads or links on the blog to other sites I want to promote or that pay me money.

However as I was getting rid of things I put up long ago and long ago forgot my passwords on how to even access them, I saw the "SiteMeter."

The little thingy at the very bottom of this page finally rolled over to 200,000 on Friday.

This, I suppose, is something to celebrate, but I don't put much stock in its accuracy.

I have numerous other ways to determine web is Google Analytics, which I like because it shows me pie charts and maps and it has lots of little "clicky" things I can play with, none of which make sense to me.

Being the Philosopher King of The Aspen Group, I also have other magical ways, unavailable to the great unwashed, to look at statistics. They show up like this:

There's only one problem with all these gizmos...they all provide different results. According to that last one, the blog had over 240,000 hits in October. Sitemeter says in four years or so, I haven't come close to reaching that total, Google Analytics goes up and down and honestly I usually play with the area that shows where visitors are from, "Hello! Whoever it was who stopped by here from Hong Kong yesterday!"

None of this really makes any difference to me. I long ago stopped really worrying about site traffic, as evidenced by the fact that several other site "stat" things I have now deleted from the bottom of the page, I had forgot existed.

I also don't think this post makes much of a difference to anyone, but it's 6 a.m. and Amy is sleeping. There are stacks of laundry I need to fold and this was the only thing that came to mind to get out of it.

As I left my sleeping wife,
I came upon a time of strife.
Stacks of laundry piled quite high,
if they're to be folded, I'm the guy.
Instead I played with web design,
and stats and hits took form of rhyme.
But now it seems the rhyme is done,
so I'm off to fold with the rising Sun.

What? You expected good poetry at 6 a.m.?