Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dogs, Squirrels & McGriddle Amends II

I have no idea where I'm going with this...which, to tell you the truth, is how I usually write.

My dogs are nuts.

And I'm still the Google King of McGriddle recipes.

Glad I got that off my chest.

Confused? We've only begun.

We've been blessed with tremendous weather lately, actual rainfall on occasion, cooler temperatures finally...okay it's 82 degrees today but that's cool in South Texas, and for reasons best left unwritten I had the opportunity to once again see where I was in the almighty McGriddle recipe standings with Google.

For those of you who haven't paid rapt attention...okay, for everyone...a couple of years ago, I made a mocking comment about how to make a McGriddle...and then I noticed an amazing upswing in "hits" to this website, along with an occasional hate mail, when folks realized I basically said, "pour syrup on a McMuffin."

If you go to Google today...two YEARS later...and type in "McGriddle Recipe," odds are, depending on Google's odd mood swings, this blog will still come up as the first choice...hence the hate mail...that keeps coming in. It's the only hate mail I've ever gotten from anything I've written, and this post coincidentally (according to Google) puts me over 1500 posts.

Every hate mail has been about McGriddles.

People like their McGriddles...and they don't like me for making fun of them for liking them. I apologize...blame Google...I only did it as a joke!

I actually tried to make amends to those people seeking McGriddles when McDonald's was closed (I didn't realize McDonald's did close but that's another rabbit trail and I'm already wondering how the heck I'm going to get back to my dogs being nuts) in a post a year or so ago where I listed the actual McGriddle recipe.

To make amends again to all of you strangers who wandered here looking for that recipe, first let me say it's for a "lo-cal" McGriddle, but I presume you can substitute all the fattening stuff for the lo-cal items and come off with a pretty good McGriddle knock-off. If you click HERE it will take you to that post, with the recipe. It's not mine...I STOLE it from a site called Recipe Circus. Recipe Circus should be getting all the hits from people seeking McGriddle Recipes...but, alas, I know that this post is going to doom that possibility...I'm sealing my own fate. So again, if you want the recipe click HERE!

Okay, now that I've cemented myself eternally in Google's McGriddle Recipe matrix, let's move on.

My dogs are nuts.

While I was doing my...I'm not going to put in the word again...research on that McDonald's product in relation to my blog, I remembered a comment someone left about how much they liked it when I wrote about our dogs.

So I thought I'd write about our dogs today.

Our dogs are nuts.

With the nicer weather, we spend a great deal of time on what we call our patio, which is really a cracked slab of dirty cement, detached from the house. I actually scoured it a few weeks ago...THEN we got rain.

Two years, no rain...I scrub the patio...deluge.

Anyway, that really has little to do with anything, except that I've noticed how crazy our two little West Highland White (grey in our case) terriers have become. They are obsessed little beasts...obsessed by a squirrel.

It's a tiny squirrel. A baby squirrel.

Oh, don't let it fool's on its' game.

This squirrel harasses, teases, toys, and tinkers with the already somewhat addled minds of our dogs...especially Winston, our "special needs" dog, who sits in vigil for the squirrel to make a move.

And it makes the same moves...every day.

It jumps perilously from a tree in our yard, to the covering over our cracked, now dirty, and sinking patio, up another tree...down the top of our fence...onto the neighbor's roof, where it sits, giggles, and then shoots out of sight.

The dogs bark...they run...they try to climb trees...they chase it down the fence...they backtrack...and watch it go up the roof...giggle at them...and then they turn around and behave.

This happens ten times a day.

It would happen more, if we let the dogs out more often.

It's a game between a baby squirrel and two mixed up, or entertainment deprived, little dogs.

I might add that every time this happens, Amy or I both scream at the dogs to stop.

That never works.

Still we do it.

Every time.


I''ll admit it.

Maybe it's not our dogs that are nuts.

But you folks who are looking for a McGriddle're not exactly sane either.