Sunday, November 19, 2006

At One With One

Looks like I'm going to church alone. Amy had a sleepless night, and we have a "date" this evening which I'm giving equal importance to, plus a friend is coming in this afternoon to spend a few days with us, so Amy needs some rest.

I was tempted to stay home too, but that's not a healthy plan..although I do need to stop "furbling" at the computer, and go shower, shave, it's not quite as obvious I'm in vacation mode.

I'm not big on going to church alone, I used to never do it, but then I decided if I was committed to Christ, I needed to be in church even if the kids were sick, or Amy was sick, or the Cowboy's played an early game.

In truth, I need to spend time with God and I'm never alone when I do that.